Sunday, June 3, 2012

WE DIG!!!!!! ∞∞ Free Download ∞∞

I haven't been able to post for a while, but these next posts should make it up for you guys as good things come to those who wait.... Here's a smashing compilation of beats gathering 31 Italian producers, including myself, compiled by my friends from Bluesteady Triptik for HHabitat Records!!! Don't miss this sampled based / hip hop compile as it is most probably one of the most fluid hip hop compilations outta europe so far this year!!! I'm really honored to be part of this and encourage all of you to do some research on the single names that you'll in it... cause, WE DIG!!! WE DIG - BeatTape - Johnny Boy - Xilo Powa - Check Description for Full Download!! by JohnnyBoy Overknights

Monday, December 19, 2011

"Timewarp Espresso EP" FREE DOWNLOAD!!!

Here's my final release for 2011: Timewarp Espresso EP!! A six tracker from outer and inner space.... especially conceived for your coffee break!!
Attention: time paradoxes might occur.

Timewarp Espresso EP

produced, mixed, mastered by
Johnny Boy
@ Altrove Studios

released on December 19th 2011

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Remixes and Remixed (Free Downloads)!!!

Here are the tracks I've remixed and have been remixd on in the past six months... make sure to pay my fellow producers a visit !!

This is the remix I made for my main man Biga, for his "Only for the Bambine" avilable on our Bandcamp. Check the whole album, spread the word!!

Here's the Free Remess I did for my boy Kappah from Reddarmy!!
Best heard with subs..... ;)
Enjoy the FREE DOWNLOAD (WAV 16bit)!!
Download for FREE the original along with the whole album "Superstereo Stars" from Kappah!!!!

Here's a track of mine that's been remixed by one of my favorite German producers: Optms Prme!! Grab his version of Mintendo Blaster System and make sure to pay his bandcamp a visit and don't expect anything too usual :)
(original version taken from Overknights Mini Sampler #1)

This remix is a little somethin' I've put together for my bro UXO. Taken from the album (((VERSUS))), a perspective of UXO's works through the ears of some friendly producers!!
Once again, FREE DOWNLOAD!!!

Last but not Least is my remix for my homeboy Digi Galessio appearing on "The Brown Book: The Remixes" released on the historic net label Phonocake!! Check the release as many dope producers were gathered for this one ;)
As FREE as it can be!!!!

Check out my soundcloud for updates on my latest tracks!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Video: "Timewarp Espresso" !!!

Here's the video for "Timewarp Espresso", taken from my "Timewarp Espresso EP" out December 19th!!
Shot and edited by our homeboy Jaja, mad props to my boys Mauro Stagi and Fresh Le Rock!!

Enjoy the TIMEWARP!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Overknights Stylophone Overdose - FREE DOWNLOAD!!!

As producers tend to get quite addicted to sounds, they sometimes tend to over-do it.. and as limitations and boundaries tend to create a more fertile environment for creation, the more the focus goes inwards, the possibilities may appear infinite as what was once a fine line can become a huge gap.
It's either that or you can say that we're just a bunch of obsessive-compulsive sound-freaks...
Overknights humbly and proudly presents to you The Overknights Stylophone Overdose, a series of beats produced using as the only sound sources: two Stylophones, a couple of short vocal samples and a friend, mentor and hip-hop master called DRELOVE, who dropped some crazy spittin' on Track One ;) !!!
All of our producers got down on this one turning out nine punchy tracks dedicated to the beatnerds and the 'lowbitrate' lovers... no doubt!

stream or download as you wish, it's all FREE !!!!

...and if you don't know what a Stylophone is, check the video at the bottom...

The Overknights Stylophone Overdose

produced and released by
on November 16th 2011

original artwork by
Simone Zaccagnini

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Planet Soap - Silkworm - Overknights Edition - FREE DOWNLOAD!!!

Here's the first of our final batch of Overknights releases for 2011, starting off with our rework on Planet Soap's first EP:"Silkworm - The Overknights Edition". Six tracks full of bassline primacy in variations of dubness. Grab your FREE DOWNLOAD HERE or stream it above and make sure to pay our bros from Planet Soap a visit and stick around as another 'crew' release is bound to be dropped shortly!!
Stay Tuned
Spread Love!!

Planet Soap - Silkworm - The Overknights Edition

produced by

Mastered by
Digi Galessio

released on Oct 31st 2011 by

Planet Soap
Original samples from "Planet Soap - Silkworm EP"
(2010-Car Crash Set )